Kenneth Writing

Praise from writers and reviewers

Enjoying your work intensely – style and subject – Ted Hughes

I can sense the poems’ at homeness in the landscape and the language – Seamus Heaney

A poetic voice of great sensitivity – Alexander McCall Smith

Strong and impressive work – Al Alvarez

There is in every poem some gleam or grain of that lost country, Eden – Kathleen Raine

Here is poetry of rare honesty, touching on the vital needs of the spirit of our age and manifesting a profound awareness of and concern for the world about us – John F Deane

Kenneth Steven’s poems ring bells in us, and chime with the profoundest responses of the human spirit – Magnus Magnusson

For those of us who know Scotland, though not as natives, and for those of us who are forever attempting to know ourselves, Kenneth Steven is another inner voice, and never more so than in this collection of his work. Evensong is intimate and beautiful – Ronald Blythe

Publication Year published  Publisher  Genre
Remembering Peter 1993 National Poetry Foundation Poetry
Dan 1994 Scottish Cultural Press Fiction
The Missing Days 1995 Scottish Cultural Press Poetry
The Boy and the Blue Balloon 1995 Autumn House Children’s
The Pearl Fisher 1997 National Poetry Foundation Poetry
Splinters 1997 Saint Andrew Press Poetry
The Summer is Ended 1997 Scottish Cultural Press Fiction
The Bearer of Gifts 1998 Little Tiger Press Children’s
Iona 2000 Saint Andrew Press Poetry
Wild Horses 2002 Saint Andrew Press Poetry
The Song of the Trees 2002 Little Tiger Press Children’s
A Highland Trilogy 2002 Scottish Cultural Press Fiction
Columba 2005 Saint Andrew Press Poetry
The Sea Mice and the Stars 2005 Little Tiger Press Children’s
Wildscape 2007 Peterloo Poets Poetry
The Dragon Kite 2007 Tamarind Children’s
Salt and Light 2007 Saint Andrew Press Poetry
The Santa Maria 2007 Argyll Publishing Children’s
Making the Known World New 2009 Saint Andrew Press Non-fiction
February the 29th 2009 Argyll Publishing Children’s
Island 2010 Saint Andrew Press Poetry
The Ice and other Stories 2010 Argyll Publishing Fiction
Evensong 2011 SPCK Poetry
The Boy who Wouldn’t Swim 2011 Argyll Publishing Children’s
A Song among the Stones 2012 Birlinn Poetry
Glen Lyon 2013 Birlinn Fiction
Ghostwing 2014 Mogzilla Children’s
Iona the Other Island 2014 Saint Andrew Press Non-fiction
Coracle 2014 SPCK Poetry
Why Dogs have Wet Noses 2015 Enchanted Lion Children’s
Letting in the Light 2016 SPCK Poetry
Beneath the Ice 2016 Saraband Non-fiction
The Well of the North Wind 2016 SPCK Fiction
Deirdre of the Sorrows 2017 Birlinn Poetry
2020 2017 Saraband Fiction