Summer 2015

The first volume of short fiction which I put together over six or seven years was entitled The Ice and other stories. It was a sheer labour of love. I wanted all the stories to have a track record, to have appeared in literary journals both at home and abroad. That wasn’t easy to begin with because the short story was suffering hard times and outlets were few and far between.

But I got there in the end. A number of the stories were broadcast on BBC Radio; several appeared in the US and Canada. The title story, The Ice, was nominated for a Pushcart in America. That meant a huge amount because this was the story that was most important to me.

Now the collection has sold out (though it is still very much available through the library system here in the UK). But I’ve put many of the stories onto Kindle: The Ice, Billy and Lemon Ice Cream being just three. There are newer stories too: The Listener, Out and The Raven’s Nest.

And there is other work too, much of which I hope will be used by primary schools. Because of cuts I am almost never in schools any more: a sad thing indeed for a children’s author! But there are whole number of picture book stories on my Kindle site would love to think will be downloaded and used in classrooms.

There’s also my novel The Fall, and a volume of my selected poems Second Nature. All these works are available for next to nothing.

Thanks to all of you who have contacted me recently. I look forward very much to new messages.

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